New Temporary Site

I will be moving my website to this space for the time being while I decide what to do with it. I will update with my most current work soon, please bare with me while I make the switch over.

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Unrealated note

In an unrelated note, awhile back I found out about a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfilm being made. Being that Sonic is one of my Childhood favorites, as you could probably tell since I modeled him (see WIP section) which is on my list to finish one of these days, I am all but excited about this. If you can show your support for what I think will be a great project =)

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Another Building Update

Meant to post this sooner but have just been busy with some things lately. Finally worked out the softness issue I was having (that what I get for using on old scene using old preferences *slap head*). But back to it, again re-sizing and adding more detail. The major trim pieces are about there, then it’s going to come down to the small details.

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Ok so I have a little update for the firehouse, btw yes the building is a Firehouse more precisely the Ghostbusters Firehouse (Hook and Ladder 8 in NY). I only worked on it the past 2 nights for about an hour or so. Having some time off coming up I’m planning to finish up the modeling and start the No Ghost sign in Zbrush, which will be my first journey in sculpting. Alot of whats been done is scaling for size and adding trim.

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Mystery Building

Been awhile since I posted anything on here, but here we go:

This is a building I’m doing for practice, what you see is 2 evenings worth of work so far. I’m giving myself only a few pictures to work from on this, as well as trying to keep it low poly and letting textures do most of the work. Tomorrow I plan to get the roof and some of the other details squared away, some of the time so far has been making sure it’s scaled properly as well as making it fit the reference.  Until Tomorrow…..

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More and More Mini

hey all it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. But I’ve gotten some inquires on my Mini  and wanted to show the finished model with wireframe and some of the early build images. The model was 100% modeled by me as you will see from the images below.

Final Model

First progress image I posted

Work on the Front end

Body Work

Final Model

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Update on the Memorial Piece

ok pretty much got the riffle all squared away for now, gonna have another close look at it when I go back and texture it. The chamber was the biggest remodel on it since what I had previously was ALL WRONG. So I took the extra time and effort into making it correct this time around, and I think it paid off nicely. I also started to fix up the bayonet, mostly it was just the handle that needed to be re-modeled. The helmet all I plan the fix is one of the clasps since I think it came out good from the first time I did it.

Next off will be to do the snowy terrain in zbrush, so bear with me since I have to learn a bit of zbrush first for this one.

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Whats been going on….

I realize I haven’t updated in awhile so heres whats going on. Been on a on and off streak lately since I had some things going on and some things to figure out. I haven’t worked on the short anymore yet since I’m figuring out how I want to do certain things. The last thing I was working on for it was the modeling, which I’m trying to do in maya but like I’m sure others do have problems getting what I want since modeling in Maya is a bit of a pain. I’m still gonna try between that and modeling what I need in Modo, so that will be a whooping 2 programs to learn on this project so far.

However right now I’ve been going back and revisiting an old project I had started  probably a little over 2 years ago now, which is a WWII Memorial piece of the Battle of the Buldge. I got the inspiration for this while doing some image searching on google while being really into Band of Brother (both the book and HBO miniseries), I had found an image that spoke to me in a way and I got some inspiration for it. Currently right now I’m remodeling the M1 Garand model I had made to be more accurate since I made some parts inaccurately before when I originally modeled it. One new program I’m going to learn for this project is ZBrush which I plan to do the snowy terrain and possibly add some details to a few things.

I’ll be posting some progress pics along the way to what I hope will be a straight finish for this project, but also here is a thread I have on spinquad about it Here

One other thing I’m going to look at doing to keep myself motivated is to see about getting involved in some sort of fanfilm project, but I’m going to try and not let that take away from my own projects.

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Boards Version 1

ok Here is version 1 of the storyboards for my short. Took alot longer then I thought it would, but I’ve never done a whole short on my own and I’m learning Maya in the process so it’s bound to hit a hick up or to. … _Page1.jpg … _Page2.jpg … _Page3.jpg … _Page4.jpg … _Page5.jpg … _Page6.jpg … _Page7.jpg … _Page8.jpg … _Page9.jpg … Page10.jpg … Page11.jpg

Also in the works, I’m starting to put together a modeling reel (my first reel in AWHILE) already have a few things rendered out, I’m shooting to have that out pretty soon.

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It Has Begun……

Well just wanted to get it out there that I have started work on my shortfilm, I have a story all planned out and broke down the characters aswell. All of the work on this I will be doing in Maya so this will also be a learning process for me while I work to get this complete. Of course I’m going to throw some side projects in aswell so I can have a break from it.

right now I’m still very much in a pre-production stage: I’m currently working on the storyboard for it now, have it all planned in my head just need to get it down on paper 🙂 which I hope to have that done soon and can move on to building the sets.

I’ll be sure to post updates along the way for those who read my Blog so you can see how far along I am. For now I’ll just give you a character sypnosis…

Doc – A guy that just trying to get noticed by his fellows doctors but
always seems to have a bit of bad luck when it comes to his creations.
He’s very determined to gain respect and recognition from his peers,
yet he’s always very nervous and down on himself a lot.

Robot – Doc’s ultimate creation which he hopes will finally get him noticed

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