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Whats been going on….

I realize I haven’t updated in awhile so heres whats going on. Been on a on and off streak lately since I had some things going on and some things to figure out. I haven’t worked on the short anymore yet since I’m figuring out how I want to do certain things. The last thing I was working on for it was the modeling, which I’m trying to do in maya but like I’m sure others do have problems getting what I want since modeling in Maya is a bit of a pain. I’m still gonna try between that and modeling what I need in Modo, so that will be a whooping 2 programs to learn on this project so far.

However right now I’ve been going back and revisiting an old project I had startedĀ  probably a little over 2 years ago now, which is a WWII Memorial piece of the Battle of the Buldge. I got the inspiration for this while doing some image searching on google while being really into Band of Brother (both the book and HBO miniseries), I had found an image that spoke to me in a way and I got some inspiration for it. Currently right now I’m remodeling the M1 Garand model I had made to be more accurate since I made some parts inaccurately before when I originally modeled it. One new program I’m going to learn for this project is ZBrush which I plan to do the snowy terrain and possibly add some details to a few things.

I’ll be posting some progress pics along the way to what I hope will be a straight finish for this project, but also here is a thread I have on spinquad about it Here

One other thing I’m going to look at doing to keep myself motivated is to see about getting involved in some sort of fanfilm project, but I’m going to try and not let that take away from my own projects.

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