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Some updates

Ok so I’m gonna post some updates to whats been going on

Car Status – I know I keep saying it but it’s almost there I just have 1 more part to model and then gonna go over it and do some tweaks to make sure everything is nice and even and cruved nicely then it will be texture time.

Video Edit – I did another video edit for a game. This was a test for a job I’m am going for, what I have here is a 30 second gameplay trailer I put together for Prince of Persia. All of the video I recorded while playing the game using FRAPS and edited it together in Adobe Premiere.

During my christmas break I’m gonna shoot for getting the car done and texturing started. After I get the car completed I have plans to finally get started on my short film and have a look at doing some level design for games.

Hope everyone has a great and safe  Christmas and a New Years.

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Busy with video editing…

well I  got some news on a job somewhere and started working on a video editing reel this past weekend….

Here is the first video I came up with, it is a Teaser Trailer for the new Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier game.

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