Car = Done

Well I think I’m finally finished with this bad boy, lot of little tweaks in the end. Here  is what I have for renders right now but gonna get some wireframes together and post them hopefully later today…Enjoy 🙂

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Car Update…Texturing

ok texturing has begun (actually been working on it for a bit) and heres what I have going right now. Alot of work still needs to be done on it.

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Some updates

Ok so I’m gonna post some updates to whats been going on

Car Status – I know I keep saying it but it’s almost there I just have 1 more part to model and then gonna go over it and do some tweaks to make sure everything is nice and even and cruved nicely then it will be texture time.

Video Edit – I did another video edit for a game. This was a test for a job I’m am going for, what I have here is a 30 second gameplay trailer I put together for Prince of Persia. All of the video I recorded while playing the game using FRAPS and edited it together in Adobe Premiere.

During my christmas break I’m gonna shoot for getting the car done and texturing started. After I get the car completed I have plans to finally get started on my short film and have a look at doing some level design for games.

Hope everyone has a great and safe  Christmas and a New Years.

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Close on the Car

Almost done with the car, have 2 things left to model yet and then I’m going to go over it with a fine tooth comb.

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Busy with video editing…

well I  got some news on a job somewhere and started working on a video editing reel this past weekend….

Here is the first video I came up with, it is a Teaser Trailer for the new Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier game.

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Animation far….

alright here are 2 test I’ve done so far, doesn’t get any simpler then this.  I did these using a program called flipbook from digicel.

Hill Roll

Ball Bounce

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Hello world!

Hey Everyone, welcome to my new blog setup, which will be  seconday from my main site.  Right now I’m going through Jason Ryan Animation to make sure I keep up with the basics and do some tests beofre I do an animation that I have planned,  Gotta learn to jump over a puddle before I jump a lake.

As I get tests done I’ll post them up so you can see my progression which you can feel free to comments on, it’s the only way I’ll get better.

Also I’ll be posting up some work thats unfinished or for some other reason is not up on my main site, expect to start seeing some of that soon.